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Just as the Sphinx holds numerous secrets and wonders, so does the section bearing it's name!  We have several sites and rings that we'd like to share with you, and hope that you enjoy them just as much (if not MORE) than we have!

We are always accepting new link submissions, just send your link to  At this time we are only putting up text links, so banners that are sent to us will not be posted, just the corresponding URL.  Links will be listed alphabetically for your convenience.  We also love to list web rings, newsgroups and clubs here, so don't be shy!

If you think that this site is one you'd like to share with others, you may use this link:

The Pharaoh's Palace

Mara & Morphea


A Arnold Vosloo Page  -Arnold Vosloo Resource Page - Ancient Egypt Co. - Arnold Vosloo Wonderland


C - Color Tour of Egypt

D - great place to get TMR Sims figures!!! - Dream Vision Fan Fic

E -


G  - The Guardians





L - Land of Dreams

M - The Official Mummy Movie Series Site - Mark Milmore's Ancient Egypt - The Mummy and Med-Jai Fanfic group (over 18 only) - The Mummy and Med-Jai FanFic2 group - for our younger authors!


O -  - Oded Fehr - Weaver of Dreams - OFAS (Oded Fehr Appreciation Site)



R - Reeder's Egypt Page


T - Dawn's Mummy site - Tanith's Oded Fehr/Ardeth Bay site

U, V  - VFF Central  - Vosloo Vision Doorway



X, Y, Z

Web Rings

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